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About Us

Rapid Learning Center

Rapid Learning Center is the leading rapid learning solution provider for science and math. Its signature product line is the 24-hour rapid mastery series using the Rapid Learning System.

Our Bio/Med Faculty has developed an array of HS and College-Level rapid learning courses, to help bio, pre-med and medical students to achive academic success rapidly, with more on their way. It is the research and creative work of a team of many teaching talents.

Education Director
Wayne Huang, PhD

Scientific Faculties
Kelly Deters, M.A.
Christine Hermann, Ph.D.
Theodore Nusbaum, Ph.D.
Manjula Shantaram, Ph.D.
P.T. Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Nithya Narayanan, M.S.
John Luo, Ph.D.
Feng Liu, Ph.D
Shabir Bhimji, Ph.D., M.D
Thomas Dinh, B.S
Keith Duda, M.Ed.
Julie Gallagher, M.S.
Peddi Prasad, Ph.D.
Jessica Barnes, Ph.D.
Bijan Berenji, Ph.D.*
Raphael Buencamino, M.D.*
Guohua Chu, Ph.D.
Chi-Chiu Chu, Ph.D.
Russ Dahl, Ph.D.
Daniel Deaconu, Ph.D.
Diop M. El Moctar, Ph.D.
Terri Gilbert, Ph.D.
Poornima Gowda, Ph.D.
Andrew Graham, Ph.D.
Jessica Habashi, Ph.D.
Steward Huang, Ph.D.*
Stephanie Harris, M.S.
Elizebeth James, Ph.D.
Louis Landerman, Ph.D.
Larry Lay, Ph.D.
Fabio Mainardi, Ph.D.
Casandra Rauser, Ph.D.
Livy Shivraj, Ph.D.
Kevin Stewart, Ph.D.
Michelle Wedemeyer, M.D.*
Cesar Anchiraico, M.S.
Gary Zhou, Ph.D.
Anup Kale, Ph.D.
Sonia Gawande, Ph.D.
Sreedevi A. Maya, M.S.
Grace Antony, Ph.D
Malla Reddy, Ph.D.
Shetha Shukair, Ph.D.*
Jessica Davis, M.S.
Sara Olson, Ph.D.
Jennifer Green, Ph.D.
Theresa Johnson, M. Ed.
Mark Cowan, Ph.D.
Adel Arshaghi, M.S.
Susan Kim, Ph.D.
Ingrid Huisman, M.Ed.
Wendy Perry, M.A.
(* in progress)
Plus more ...

Creative Designers
Khiem Hoang
Erik Schlegel
Kristina Kish
Jennifer Schwartz
Anthony Smart, Ph.D
Walter L. Travis, Jr
Patricia Shanks

Tech Writers
Robyn Scott
Maurna Desmond
Michael Mason, M.A.

Copy Editor
Richard Sandore, M.D.
Sandi Gostin
William Tannerbring
Kelly Lowe

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