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Genetic Mapping: Linkage and Recombination

Topic Review on "Title":

Genetic mapping is a key tool for classical genetics.  When a phenotype or a disease is observed, it is always desirable to determine where the gene is located. 

Linkage means when gametes form, genes are not assorted independently, instead, they are linked together.  This is because these genes are located close to each other on the same chromosome.  Linkage can be tested by chi square. 

Genes located close enough can crossover and then recombination occurs. The recombination frequency can be used to measure the genetic distance between two markers: the longer distance, the more recombination events, the higher recombination frequency.

Genetic map
Genetic map is a chromosome map of a species or experimental population that shows the position of its known genes and/or markers relative to each other.  It is based on the frequencies of recombination between markers.  Genetic mapping can be carried out by two-point or three-point testcrosses.

Rapid Study Kit for "Title":
Flash Movie Flash Game Flash Card
Core Concept Tutorial Problem Solving Drill Review Cheat Sheet

"Title" Tutorial Summary :

A genetic map has all the known genes or genetic markers arranged on chromosome according to their genetic distance.  The map is drawn according to the recombination frequencies of the linked genes.  Genes on different chromosomes belong to different linkage group.  Genetic mapping can also be achieved by advanced techniques such as tetrad analysis, somatic cell hybridization and genome project. 

Tutorial Features:
  • Internal concept map to explain how linkage, recombination and genetic mapping are linked to each other.
  • Step by step deduction of linkage discovery and linkage theory
  • Many tables to help understand the problem solving technique and concept
  • Key concept summary and thought-provoking question sheet.

"Title" Topic List:


  • What is genetic map?
  • Genetic markers and linkage

Linkage theory

  • Discovery of linkage
  • Linkage theory development
  • Linkage and recombination
  • Genetic distance

Genetic mapping

  • Two-point testcross
  • Genetic map
  • Three-point testcross
  • Interference
  • Coefficient of coincidence

Advanced mapping technique

  • Tetrads and tetrad analysis
  • Human gene mapping

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